How can a coach help you?

ADHD Coaching focuses on the specific needs of the individual being coached. Like all coaching, it is a supportive, goal-oriented process in which the coach and the client work to develop the tools, strategies and confidence necessary to help the client reach his or her potential.

The difference between AD/HD coaching and other coaching processes is that the coach is trained and experienced in working with people with AD/HD and is capable of helping that person develop strategies which maximize the talents of the AD/HD brain and compensate for the individual difficulties the AD/HD client experiences.

Typically, this type of coaching helps individuals with AD/HD develop the structures, processes, and practical approaches necessary to meet the challenges of everyday life and excel in their areas of special talents.

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Marcia Hoeck Interviews Nancy Ratey at CHADD 2011

Hear Nancy on the CBC Canada with Radio Noon with Ramona Dearing

Monday, October 10, 2011—Most of us assume that kids outgrow Attention Deficit Disorder. The truth is some do, and some don't. And those who don't are in for some tough challenges. Ramona speaks with Nancy Ratey, an American expert on ADD in adults. Listen to the podcast.

Children with ADHD and ADD

September 12, 2011—A conversation and open discussion with Nancy Ratey on _All Sides with Ann Fisher_, WOSU, 89.7 NPR News, Columbus, Ohio. Listen to the broadcast.

Nancy Ratey: Coaching for the Lateral Thinker

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How ADHD Adults Can Succeed at Work

Nancy's AD/HD strategies figure prominently in this article on LifeScript.

Zoë Kessler interviews Nancy Ratey

Read the full interview on Zoë’s blog, ADHD from A to Zoë, on

Listen to an interesting and lively discussion with Nancy Ratey on Attention Talk Radio, July 2010.

Available as a podcast and as streaming audio. Why More Adults Are Being Diagnosed with ADHD

Nancy Ratey is quoted in an article on Wall Street Journal website. Read Mind Games: Attention-Deficit Disorder Isn't Just for Kids. Why Adults Are Now Being Diagnosed, Too.

Organization Tips for Adults with ADHD
on WebMD

One of the hallmarks of adult ADHD is disorganization. These five tips at the WebMD ADD & ADHD Health Center help you track dates, tasks, belongings, and paperwork.

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